From the produces of world-popular Pycnogenol®, Horphag Research delivers a latest special dietary supplement which is not similar to anything on the current market. New Robuvit® French Oak Wood Extract holds a special polyphenols profile that provides immense promise for improving physical and mental wellness.

The secret seems to be lie in a distinctive class of polyphenolic tannins called as roburins, seen only in oak trees. From their countless advantageous properties, studies also demonstrates that roburins can assist in improving basic cellular functions to battle the aging process, raises energy and repel fatigue.

Roburins is from the class of tannins called as ellagitannins, which are ellagic acid's hydrolysable derivatives, a strong antioxidant also present in pomegranates and raspberries. This makes roburins distinctive is that they shows less bioavailability until the bioactive molecules called urolithins yielded from the bacteria metabolization in the intestinal tract, which are then sent into blood plasma. Once urolithins are in the plasma it is circulated all over the body to give wide-spectrum prevention against oxidative stress, a preliminary factor in the fatigue onset.

Over and beyond their antioxidant potential, roburins also seems to battle fatigue at the cellular level by up controlling genes included in ribosomal biogenesis, the restoration of cellular structures called as ribosomes, which are accountable for protein generation in all living cells. By assisting ribosomal function, roburins could have a wide range of well being effects all over the body, from energy generation to enzymatic bustle and cellular restoration.

Until now, the potential health benefits of roburins are very little known, and it is because there was no such good source to read about it. Roburins can be only seen in the oak genus Quercus trees, restricting the sources of diet to the trace amounts present in wines and liquors aged in oaken casks. To subdue this restriction, Horphag Research, the producers of world-famous Pycnogenol®, implemented their years of expertise in the technology of extraction to create Robuvit, a GMO-free French oak wood extract normalized to a splendid 40% roburin content. And it is evident in human trials its effectiveness for enhancing exercise performance and recovery after exercise.



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