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Fulhealth Industries Organic Colloidal Minerals is a daily to supplement formulated to promote optimum health and well being, delivering essential minerals, trace elements and nutrients in a form that's easily and efficiently assimilated. Rich in humins, humic acid and fulvic acid, all ingredients are derived from 20,000-year-old prehistoric vegetation, cold-extracted and then suspended in ultra-pure de-ionised water. The trace elements contained in this colloidal mineral have a negative charge, allowing the mineral ions and elements to be absorbed effectively and immediately.


Minerals and trace elements are essential for achieving and maintaining good health, they work within your body to:

  • Remove toxins and heavy metals,
  • Deliver antioxidants to fight free radicals,
  • Stimulate enzyme systems,
  • Act as a natural electrolyte,
  • Help rebuild and strengthen your immune systems,
  • Stimulate cellular growth and regeneration
  • Catalyse vitamins within the cells.

More than 90% of people are deficient in at least some of these essential trace elements, lacking vital co-enzymes that are used for every chemical reaction that occurs in the body, including digesting and absorbing food, delivering food to the cells, and getting oxygen to the brain.


(Mg/l) Boron 0.26 Sodium 99; Magnesium 98; Alluminium 108; Silicon 45; Phosphorus 5.2; Sulphur 500; Potassium 17; Calcium 270; Titanium 0.94; Vanadium 2.4; Barium 0.34; Chromium 1.4; Manganese 0.66; Iron 220; Nickel 1; Colbat 0.2; Copper 0.13; Zinc 0.38; Selenium 0.37; Strontium 2.6; Molybdenum 0.019; Silver 0.15.


SKU MV7970
Brand Fulhealth Industries

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